Due Time ft. Khyre

by 3Fifs



The lead single to my forthcoming project "The Runaway LP."


[I wish I could say we made it, but we're here,
so where do we go?
My future now is clear:
I know just where to go...

No where to go but up from here.
I know just where to go!
No where to go but up from here.
No where to go but up.](Hook 1)

{We'll find our way in due time.

Started from the bottom, headed to the top.
World keeps spinning, don't know where it's gon stop...

We'll find our way in due time.}(Hook 2)

Daydreaming 'bout my favorite Benz
at my nine to five killing nerves, but saving ends.
As my day begins and stress starts to take its course,
I'm thinking I should quite my job and cop the G by way of force.
In a way of sorts, you might say that I'm successful:
a four-year degree and six figures ain't regretful,
but my mind's never restful 'cause I'm focused on a better me.
Success came easy, now I'm trying to build a legacy.
'Cause in my head, I see a half a milli on the water,
couple sons acting silly, and a pretty little daughter;
plus my wife's supple titties in some lingerie I bought her.
Garage like Jay Leno, discog like Jay Carter.
God is fate's author: pray my life wins Pulitzer.
A Times "Best Seller" adapted to motion picture.
If I can quote the scripture, Galatians 6:9,
"I'ma reap from my harvest if I stay up on my grind." Due time...

[Hook 1]{Hook 2}

Reminiscing fighting in the soup kitchen pitching fits for bowls of cereal.
Twenty years later, how'd I get so damned material?
Imperial mind; feel inclined to ride reclined
in a Continental getting bent. If life is resigned
to the time the clock ticks, that drop 6 loses merit.
Life flies from zero to sixty and it's apparent
that the only jewels that never lose their worth don't hold a carat,
so with that, I'm cruising hymns searching gems to inherit.
Man, I swear it's just a matter of time before I shine bright.
I'm taking life's lemons with me right into the limelight.
20/20 hindsight, but past track elude you,
so I'm Marty McFly as I get back to the future.
If you put your mind to it, you'll accomplish anything,
so I'm placing immortality above any bling.
Plenty kings came before me, but my queen's no Victorian.
Butterfly doors on the coupe, no Delorean.

[Hook 1]{Hook 2}



released June 19, 2014
Lyrics written by Kenneth L. Kelly-Hart and Brandon Williams
Music written by Brian A. Hill
Recorded by Adrian Brown at Jupiter Studios, St. Louis, MO
Mixed by Trill Trax
Mastered by Julian De La Cruz



all rights reserved


3Fifs West Palm Beach, Florida

I #MakeHistory.

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