The Runaway LP

by 3Fifs



released June 19, 2015



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3Fifs West Palm Beach, Florida

I #MakeHistory.

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Track Name: The Runaway
From the valley of the shadow of death,
without a doubt, I've battled it out of the depths without skipping a breath.
Now, I take a deep sigh,
vowing not to sleep 'til I die, or until I eat my piece of the pie.

Reach high, clenched fist, wincing from the stench of the fight.
I let them pinch within an inch of my life, and then strike!
These niggas can't rattle the snake. Harder to brake
than an old school Caddy, tell 'em holla at me.

This is the rally of the reborn king:
I've seen more things, and now I'm on my C4 fling:
it's time to blow! These foes will never take me down.
Straight out the town where they killed Mike Brown, and I ain't turning around!

[Don't turn around, cuz nothing in the past will change (4x).
I am living for today, planning for tomorrow,
looking to the past for the lessons I can borrow (2x).]

Nonetheless, I gotta do what I must:
When fake friends break then you can't mend, fuck it, who can you trust?
Niggas scheming simply ruined my trust,
so I'm rebuilding my team, chasing the dream, but who's rooting for us?

Fuck C.R.E.A.M., bitch, a coupe ain't enough!
Cuz you can be in that "V," the PD will still shoot at your stuff,
so I'm drinking, thinking off the cuff, we gotta link:
Can't do the hood no good if we're stuck in that clink.

Think - the ghost of Denmark Vessey plus the foresight of a prophet:
it's "veni vici:" ain't nobody gon stop it!
Benediction: ain't nobody gon top it -
I'm like the Pope with a scope aimed at your throat - you'll Holy See when I pop it.

Lordy me, more in line with the topic:
please guide my quest: handling stress as I vie for the best.
Die for some, but I'll ride for the rest.
I'm hollering "Giv's us free" like Cinque, I bleed where the ink lay.

I stand where the kings lay, and I'll never let y'all die in vain
speaking my pain from where the slaves wore chains.
So many slain without gain, but I promise I won't let y'all down.
Standing my ground, still I rise. I'm never turning around!