Raspberry Rum

by 3Fifs



My first time ever in the booth. "Raspberry Rum" is a tribute to my earliest influences. The name is significant, because Bacardi Razz was the first alcoholic beverage I had.


released January 12, 2012

WYTout - prod. by Chase Alexander
All lyrics by Kenneth Kelly-Hart



all rights reserved


3Fifs West Palm Beach, Florida

I #MakeHistory.

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Track Name: The WYTout
[Verse 1]
Big ass motherfucking titties on her chest.
You can safely say I'm a fan of big breasts.
Whip 'em on out and I lick them all around.
Open up your ears; this is how I get down.
Met this girl with a pair of double d's.
Whipped 'em on out, and I gave them both a squeeze.
Looking at her chest made me think of this note:
She's got d's in her cup, now it's deez in her throat.

Whip ya titties out. (Echo).
Whip ya titties out. (Echo).
C-cup, D-cup, E, F, G.
Whip them big titties out for me.

[Verse 2]
Looking at this girl and her titties on swole.
Redbone chick, so you know the milk's whole.
Skim, toned chick, so you know it's fat free,
so I gotta break her off with that vitamin D.
They say drinking milk gives a nigga strong bones,
so it's strong dong Kong whenever I'm finna bone.
It could be red label, pink label, blue...
I got milk, nigga, what about you.

[Hook 2]
Whip ya titties out. (Echo)
Whip ya titties out. (Echo)
Double D, Triple E, motherfucking F.
Milk them titties 'til it ain't nothing left.
Whip ya titties out. (Echo)
Whip ya titties out. (Echo)
I don't give a fuck if they sag to the ground.
Whip them bitches out if you like my sound.

[Verse 3]
Rocking at a show, and the crowd's gone wild.
Except one girl who ain't like my style.
Got in her chest, slipped a backstage pass.
Maybe we can work it out, and I can tap that ass.
Got in the back and I asked her "What's Wrong?"
She had a big booty and was sagging in a thong.
She lifted up her shirt and said, "What about me?
You ain't got no love for the 32 B's?"

[Hook 3]
Whip ya titties out. (Echo)
Whip ya titties out. (Echo)
A-cup, B-cup, this is for you.
Little titty girls get to have fun too!
Whip ya titties out. (Echo)
Whip ya titties out. (Echo)
Ya nigga 3Fifs, 9th Lyfe on the beat.
I don't give a fuck if they sag to your feet.

Now, put them titties on the floor. Ti-titties on the floor.
Titties on the floor, Ti-titties on the floor.
Now, do the hula hoop, Do the hula hoop
Do the hula hoop. Do the hula hoop.